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Motorcycle insurance is a great way to protect your bike when out on the roads. Just as auto insurance is required by the state, so is motorcycle insurance. Since it is required, there is no way to get around not having it to maintain legality on the roads. However, there are options in terms of the level of coverage as well as additional coverage options.

At Glass Thompson, we can work with you by explaining the coverage options and helping to find the lowest monthly premium. Options exist to reduce the monthly premium by paying quarterly and annually as well as exploring safety features. 

Motorcycle Insurance - Kentucky
Motor Cycle Insurance - Kentucky

The liability coverage of the policy is going to cover such things as damage to property and to other people in the event of an accident.

It’s also possible to get personal injury protection if you are injured as well as comprehensive insurance for non-driving related damage to the bike, such as what can come from hail. It’s impossible to know what will happen when you’re on the roads and having the coverage can prevent spending a lot of money out of pocket.

Where you live and the driving record are taken into consideration when insurance companies calculate the cost of a premium. We help you find coverage that meets your  needs and budget.

The motorcycle insurance has to be obtained if you’re going to ride your bike because of state requirements, but what you get and where you get it from is another story. We have insurance agents that can guide you through the process of understanding options and shopping for the lowest price.

When you’re ready to get motorcycle insurance, call us at Glass Thompson Insurance and let an agent help you every step of the way.

Kentucky Motorcycle Insurance Requirements