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Home insurance is a necessity because it is going to protect the home that you live in. There are several different options available when you explore this type of insurance.

Home insurance can be for you as the homeowner if you are living in it, as well as tenant occupied homes, and even vacant dwellings. Regardless of what scenario you are in, the insurance provides financial protection.

In the event of a fire, break in, or other disaster, your home can get damaged and your valuables can be lost. With home insurance, it is possible to call the insurance company and file a claim. This will entitle you to make the repairs and even replace various lost items so that you do not have to be out of pocket for everything.

Home Insurance - Kentucky
Home Owners Insurance - Kentucky

There are various ways to make the premium affordable. One of our insurance agents will guide you through the process and make recommendations as to how to make the home safer in order to reduce the costs.

As the homeowner, you are the one responsible for ensuring the home. The insurance can be for the building alone or for the building as well as the contents. Particularly if you are living inside the home, you want the interior coverage as well for carpeting, furniture, and various other personal belongings.

At Glass Thompson Insurance, we are able to help you find the right insurance. We will ask about the scenario that you are in. If there are tenants occupying the home, the personal belongings will not be covered and they will need to seek out renters insurance for that coverage.

If the home is vacant because of it being a second home or an investment property, coverage still needs to be on it in the event of a fire, flood, or any other kind of natural disaster.

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