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Boat insurance is essentially the coverage that is needed on your boat or any other marine vessel, such as a jet ski. Whether you take your boat out on the water a lot or not, it’s important to have the coverage in case something happens to it. You don’t want to pay out of pocket for the damage as it can be financially draining.

A good policy is going to cover most events that can happen to your boat. This includes when the boat is in storage, on the road to go to a dock, and while it’s in the water. If the boat turns over on the road, the damage could be covered by insurance just the same as if another boat slams into your boat while out on the water. 

Boat Insurance - Kentucky
Watercraft Insurance - Kentucky

Boats are expensive and they’re expensive to repair, too. If you can avoid spending money out of pocket to make the repairs, then it should be done. You will only have to pay the deductible with the boat insurance and they will handle the rest. It is simply a matter of filing a claim once an accident takes place.

There is liability insurance that covers bodily harm and property damage as well as comprehensive insurance. Understanding your options is made easy with Glass Thompson Insurance agents. We take the time to determine the amount of coverage you need based upon how often your boat goes in the water and its value. Our goal is going to be to find the lowest possible premium so you have the coverage necessary within the policy.

Comprehensive insurance, uninsured motorist, roadside assistance, and rental car coverage are all options that can be added to a policy. We can help you decide which are needed and ensure they are part of your policy should you want the additional protection.

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