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Auto insurance is a must as it is required by the state. It will offer liability protection on the vehicle that you drive on a regular basis, regardless of whether it is a car, truck, or SUV. The state has a minimum on the liability insurance and then you can choose to go over that amount as well as add other options to the policy.

There are various details that go into the cost of the insurance premium. This includes the type of car, your zip code, the amount of time the car is driven, driving history, and more. At Glass Thompson Insurance, the focus is going to be finding an affordable premium for you without having to sacrifice coverage.

Auto Insurance - Kentucky

In the event of an auto accident, the insurance is going to pay for any property damage as well as injuries to the people who were in the car, both driver and passengers. In some instances, the amount of coverage that you have on your policy won’t be enough to cover the extent of damage and that means that the remainder has to come out of your pocket.

Our agents will work with you to determine the right amount of coverage as well as what your deductible should be so that your auto insurance is affordable at all times. Having the financial protection is important because even when you are a safe driver, you cannot guarantee that the people sharing the road with you are.

Comprehensive insurance, uninsured motorist, roadside assistance, and rental car coverage are all options that can be added to a policy. We can help you decide which are needed and ensure they are part of your policy should you want the additional protection.

Call us today to learn about the many options and begin exploring an affordable auto insurance policy.